I've always had a passion for firearms. This business was born out of that passion, and the desire to expand my knowledge on different firearms and the AR platform specifically.


I'm a life long hunter, I've been around firearms my entire life. I've always been very comfortable shooting, and being around them. I was taught how to hunt and how to properly handle a firearm safely at an early age, and it has always stuck with me.

I have been building rifles for myself and a few other people. Through that experience I became proficient and creative with the process. Out of my desire to learn more, the groundwork was laid for what has become a business for our family. I became a licensed firearm dealer in 2016. 

My philosophy from the beginning has been to introduce anyone I can to the sport, and to share as much information and knowledge as possible to attract people to shooting. I find myself regularly visiting with guys that I've just met for hours discussing the sport and everything related.


I really enjoy meeting people that are new, unsure of what they want or what direction they want to go in to break into this sport. That's what we are here for: to help. Whether your brand new, or not, I want to help you. We are a full-service firearms and accessories dealer. We specialize in custom AR platform builds, and every build is guaranteed.


Every firearm we assemble will be reliable, and it will cycle every round. We stand by that. 

Thank you, 

Christopher Daniel


office: 337-662-0014 cell: 337-441-2443